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Introduction of MediSync

Launch film

Retrieving medical information can be a time-consuming process that usually comes in addition to caring for clients.  Startup company MediSync offers a new service for independent company doctors. They can quickly and reliably request medical information via MediSync.

It is therefore extremely important that this new service comes to the attention of the target group of independent company doctors, in a way that they immediately understand that the service takes a lot of work off their hands.

We have applied a proven storyline to outline the situation of the independent company doctor. In the animation we show that gathering information costs him a lot of energy. Then the solution comes into view. Namely a medical secretariat that specializes in medical information. it ensures less stress and more time for fun things. Golf, for example.


  • Concept / script
  • Animation
  • Subtitles
  • Moving gifs
  • Visuals for Website/mailing/social media (png)