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Animation and beyond..

Visual identity

For iDEAL we developed a unique visual / brand identity that communicates, resonates and is memorable. The characters and icons were first shown in the introduction video and then later used throughout the website.

From a branding point a view it makes sence to think about your other communication moments when developing an animation. Because branding and communition possibilities are reaching far beyond the explainer video. The same characters can be used in different situations and actions for the customer journey, giving the brand flexibility and a very recognizable appearence.


  • Graphic design
  • Visual identity
  • Motion design

Homepage video

We produced a homepage video explainer for iDEAL, which shows the audience an easy and quick introduction to their service. It’s a dynamic and full speed animation to attract viewers to stay focused till the end.

This is typical Hero conent in Google’s Hero, Hub, Hygiene model. It delivers authority, awareness and engagement. It can also be pushed via other channels like social media and newsletters.

Website visuals

We created a new visual identity for iDEAL’s website. The characters and icons earlier used in the introduction video of ‘het nieuwe iDEAL’  are shown in new sitations on most website pages and in navigation bars. A nice example of how a successful animation can grow into a complete new visual brand identity.

Presentation material

We created graphic design for different communication purposes like presentations. The character used on this printed banner was shown in the explainer for het nieuwe iDEAL, giving the brand a very consistant appearance.

We like to think ahead within the communication strategy so we can re-make the graphics for different situations and moments.

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